Are we really in 21st Century?

Are we really in 21st Century?

Recently when I was browsing accidentally I found a post with a picture of a woman beaten by her husband it seems [as mentioned]. Just by looking at the image only, I felt sorry for that woman. I did not went to the blog directly, instead commented there as “Masha Allah, being grateful to Almighty for giving me caring and loving husband”. Nearly within two days i have got a reply for that comment as happy for you, share your experience with us and bla bla bla ๐Ÿ™‚

I felt good and thanked them for being so kind and then while scrolling down I saw two more comments which were truly disgusting!! They judged whole religion for the hectic activity of that man. [I would have posted images of those comments but don’t want to spread hatred and my intention is not to defame any person/blog]

Which truly wondered me and made me think again, where i have come! In the crowd of people, where people are getting judged on the basis of religion whereas there is a need of judgement on the basis of people’s Karma! I spent almost half an hour in that blog just to read the comments of peoples! Which did not leave to sleep me for a whole night! Seriously! Those hatred words towards whole religion for countable people’s of that religion??!! Why??

I really did not understand,ย are we really living in 21st century?ย Why a religion is blamed when a man or group of mob does something unlawful?? Are ย we surely educated? There are 7 billion people in this world, can we judge the world by taking countable examples.ย Before getting the solution to these questions, I just un-followed the site! I usually follow sites to read and learn from them, there is nothing to learn from these!

I truly agree beating a woman or man or whoever it is not right! None has got the right to punish in such a way! When we are not the creator, whom we are to punish? ย Forget about beating a woman if someone does the same to a doggy, it is also unbearable to us! Because we are humans! Then, is it righteous to judge on the basis of religion?

If a man beats his or any other woman, we cannot blame his parents also for not showing him right path at the right time! Because his parents might have tried and tried, he might not have listened to them ever… Then how one can we blame his religion for a his Karma?? The one who beats a woman can not be considered as a human being at first, then how can you judge him under a religion? Do you distinguish animals like Christian cow, Muslim goat etc. Do you? Nope! Then how can you judge that ridiculous animal who is in outlook of human being under the religion?!

To Judge anything either one has to learn everything about the matter and to compare one religion to other one has to study all the existing religion of this entire world. Unless the judgement can spoil himself and his surrounding!

Growing is just not meant physical, instead it is mental growth too. One can not be considered as an educated person just by completing a course and passing of an examination. ย Your words and deeds judges your personality. Your words represent your thinking, it never lowers the one on whom you are spitting. No religion can never be wrong. If you are judging people under the religion then either you never studied about that religion from its original sources or you never interacted good kind of people ย with kindnessย or you are just want to spread hatred to the society which is good for nothing!

If you are truly following your religion you would never spread hatred towards other religion! Religion can only spread love and peace, not hatred. Grow up! Karma matters not the religion!ย Are we really in 21st Century?


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  1. well said ! This whole blame game is sad, people do not know the solution so either they play this blame game or stay ignorant. For every problem in this world, there has to be a religion, a person, a country etc. to blame. People should grow up ! Great post !!

  2. First let me say I agree with you. Although I think its worth considering that although there are people on both extremes of violence and non violence and the two extremes will never be persuaded by society to behave differently, most people fall somewhere in the middle. So if society says violence is ok or even good more people will be violent. Aside from some strange & corrupt cults I don’t believe any religion promotes violence, but some religious people do promote violence including religious authorities & politicians. This can cause more moderate people to be violent. This is also often accompanied by less victim support. But knowledge and understanding is the only cure for this; finding and exposing the individuals that create an atmosphere where violence is acceptable, while we continue to use the law to protect people and pursue violent criminals. Sorry about my length.

    1. Yep! that’s what we tried to mention in the post, that if someone blames the religion for one’s unlawful behavior he/she might not have learned/read the particular religion from its “original sources” or he/she might be trying to spread hatred or they might be having any political back ground.
      Dear, our post nowhere mentioned “violence is ok or even good more people will be violent” . We just said, there are millions of peoples in our religion and blaming millions for countable is not okay ๐Ÿ™‚
      Length of the comment tells how you have taken my posts ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. By society says, I meant some corrupted or crazy governments or zealots say it’s okay or good (like Nazis), I didn’t mean you had said it’s okay. Just that a really powerful racist government can through wrong information convince good people that violence is good. And that’s the saddest thing when people think they are helping the world by doing horrible things. Its not religion its crazy charismatic people in positions of power like Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin or David Koresh (Waco) who create the really bad conditions. So much so that not even their followers (not all of them) can be blamed. I agree with you. <3 ๐Ÿ™‚

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