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 I’m Ashoora Arif, a mathematics lecturer & an educational psychologist by profession. Along with a blogger by passion who has loved math by fully and freely. 

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You can leave your doubts/model question papers/exercise problems/assignment problems/any other mathematical concepts here to get solutions from breathmath by Ashoora Arif, contact us here. We Will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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40 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thank you very much for subscribing and it is always a pleasure to meet other mathematicians around the world! Your website has a lot of great information and examples. Through our work, I hope that we can help educate our students (and followers!) and improve their understanding of these concepts 🙂 I wish you success on your site and I will be happy to continue reading your content! Have a nice day 🙂 ~Kevin

  2. Math is not my long suit although at one time had aspirations of being an engineer. That didn’t work out for me mostly by choice. However I do enjoy reading your blog which I follow. I believe that a good mathematician with the logic that implies would make a great philosopher. Since I am neither I appreciate your various blogs.

  3. If you are near our houses in India you could check to see if some of our Tuition Children are in need of math instructors. Thank you so much for reading about the Servants of Charity. We are really trying to help the poor children in India to have a brighter future through education and empowerment.

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