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Not scoring good even after hard work? Why?

Not scoring good even after hard work? Why?

One of the common question asked by students is “Why I’m not able to score good marks? I have worked very good for the last exam but I did not score well. Why?” Here is the answer to it.

In every problem before going to find the solution one should understand the problem deeply in order to get the fine solution. It would be better to dip in to the question so that solution is a solution only not a problem again! First part of the question says “Why I’m not able to score good marks?”. What is a good marks? If you are getting nearly 70+ marks by understanding the concept and not by cramming, than scoring 90+ without actually understanding the concept and its applications. Education is not just about topping the exam.

These days educational system has changed its prospective CCE- Continuous  Comprehensive Evaluation has been implemented. Student is being evaluated beyond the classroom too. Education is not just confined to the classroom activities, student is being evaluated totally even in playground. Education is overall development of the human being.

The second part of the question “I have worked very good for the last exam”. Sometime you need to work smarter, only working hard is not enough in the process of education. Start working smarter too for better result.

The last part of the question is “Why?” . None else can give better  answer to your for “why”. Look  within! Ask yourself why you haven’t reached your expectations! You knew it! There might be lack in preparation such as,

  • Last few days  of preparation  for exam: An academic is meant nearly for 10 months, studying just few days before the exam or  day before the exam or one night preparation might not work always!
  • Cramming: Cramming might result in Forgetfulness/ Forgetting/ Difficulty in Remembering in exam.
  • Not focusing required amount of attention: Even if you are studying daily one has to pay total attention to studies.Mind used to get upset by various thoughts and words around us which results in lack of interest or lack attention. For more click here
  • Not studying every chapter.
  • Simply studying without knowing the weight-age of the chapters!

Simply  working hard or spending lots of time with books might not work great in result! Start working smarter. Here are the tips to start working smarter,

1. Understanding the concept:

WHY DO YOU FORGET ??? WHY ARE YOU UNABLE TO RECALL WHAT YOU HAVE STUDIED EARLIER IN THE EXAM HALL? One of the reason for forgetfulness is cramming. Cramming may not help all the time.

To over come from forgetfulness click here

2. Blue-Print:  

Every chapter has its own weight-age for the exam. Get the blue print and know the weight-age given to each chapter. You will come across total number of marks given to each chapter along with very short answers, short answers, essay type answers and long answers. Study according to it. By looking at the blue-print one can understand what happens by skipping chapters!

3. Class-notes:

Always remember your class-notes is the main and the first resource you have with you to prepare for the exam. Keep your up-to-date, neat and complete it regularly if missed out anything. Whenever instructor gives you some top tips write down it, so as a quick refer for future.

4. Old question papers:

Collect old question papers and try to solve it. Answering old question papers improves your skill of answering the questions along with it helps you to evaluate yourself.

5. Being selective:

In question papers we have objective and subjective questions, objective type question are easy to score more. Along with these there are few more questions allows you to score easily for example, if it is science exam you have diagrams in it, draw it neatly and label the parts, if it is social science then maps etc

An academic is meant for nearly 10 months, you cannot study 10 months portion in few days or within a month to score more. Working hard just few days or a month back for the exam cannot be considered as hard work! Be regular then call it as hard work! Even if you have the same question “Not scoring good even after hard work? Why?”, then click on the links below to improve your academic results…

How to get good grades!

Forgetfulness/ Forgetting/ Difficulty in Remembering

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Strengthening of Mind /Being Emotionally Strong

Group Discussion

Proper Study Habits

Study Holidays



Why do I start feeling sleepy while studying?

Why do I start feeling sleepy while studying?

We have given a chance for students to express their problems in studies to VIII to 12th grade students to understand students problems and to do a case study and then to give a bunch remedy to them. More than quarter of the students letters summarized to “Why do I start feeling sleepy when I’m actively reading or studying, even when I’m not getting bored? How do I prevent it?”

Do you feel sleepy while studying? Why do you feel so? Is it only to a particular subject? Sleeping is relaxing, is studying too hectic that you go to relax? ha ha! What if it becomes too relaxed! lol Don’t worry you are not only one. There are many with you.

Actually reading and studying are two different things. Studying is understanding and grasping the essence of the article or the concept whereas reading is just knowing the things or concepts. For example, You read news papers, you don’t study them! But if you read your academic books it is not enough  to get good grades, you study it for better result.We say a man is reading news paper and a student is studying!

So  commonly by listening to the question “Why do I start feeling sleepy when I’m actively reading or studying, even when I’m not getting bored? How do I prevent it?”, two more questions arises are;

  1. Is there any particular subject which lets you to sleep?

If for any particular subject forces you to sleep while studying then you might be having difficulty in that subject and disappointment might be the  reason behind your sleep.

2. Do you fall asleep  while studying all the subjects?

If yes then there might be countable reasons for sleeping while studying such as  improper study habits, study environment, lack of understanding, eye sights problems etc

In both the cases here are few tips to avoid sleeping while studying. 

Note: It would be better to consult an eye specialist because one can fall asleep because of stress on eyes for trying to studying for hours, if there is an eye-sight problem without power glasses studying might be stressful to your eyes as the question says “Why do I start feeling sleepy when I’m actively reading or studying, even when I’m not getting bored? How do I prevent it?!”

  1. Study  environment: 

Study environment plays a  main role in studying for long hours. Study environment must be free from disturbance but if the place is too calm then you might fall asleep easily.

  • If you are studying in you room then first of all clean your room and keep all the things in its place. Open up the windows let fresh air comes in which obviously fills positive energy in your room.
  • Do lay on bed and study. This cannot be a proper way of studying this will surely forces you to sleep. Do not use sofa also instead use wooden chair or any simple chair without cushion.
  • Do not use table fan while studying because of blowing wind on face you might concentrate in studies up to your expectation.
  • Walk around your room and study to avoid falling asleep.

2. Multitasking: 

Yep, multitasking! To avoid sleeping while studying multitasking is also a powerful weapon. While studying take a study-note-book and write down the name of the lesson and key words with definition, meaning, properties, prepare your own note such as it can be used later in exam times as quick referring notes.

3. Proper and Fine Breaks:

Take breaks in the middle while studying such as after studying for one hour or when you feel you need a break for 5 – 10 minutes.

  • Have coffee/tea/hot water. I prefer drinking hot water which is healthiest.
  • Listen to mild music or instrumental music.

After the break period come back to your books, remember breaks should strengthen your mind to learn!

4. Exercise:

Proper exercise is the need of human body for active days. Do some physical exercise in the morning and evening at end for 10 minutes relax you body mind, which helps you to improve your body and mind.

5. Things to do:

  1. Study loudly.
  2. Do not have heavy meal before study-time.
  3. Avoid studying difficult subjects in the night.
  4. Go to bed early and rise early in the morning. Sleep for 7 hours.

If there is no eye-sight problems then you should seriously need to improve your study habits to study for long hours without falling asleep while studying.

How to get 90+/100 as my classmates without studying?

How to get 90+/100 as my classmates without studying?

An answer to the question asked in Quora, full question is “I have classmates who get 90+ grades without studying. I study and get 80+. How can I be like them?” A thought-provoking question it is. We all had such questions and classmates who were telling that they haven’t studied anything for exam etc. But we haven’t had quora in those days to ask question to millions 😀

Yep! We all had faced the same question for years when we were in schools/colleges. I had friends who were telling that they haven’t studied anything for the exam. They are simply coming and attending it, whatever they get in this exam is their own ability blah blah blah. I wondered how is this possible? Attending an exam without actually studying? Years passed stepped in to college and had new friends. Then once I tried the same sentence “I haven’t studied anything for the exam. I’m simply coming and attending it, whatever I get in this exam is my own ability” Lol in most of the cases this is how it works!

Technically one cannot top the exam without actually studying! They might be studying smarter but that doesn’t mean they are not at all studying for the exam! Every living being is different, everyone has their own abilities and capacities which is called individual differences. If all are same then how could you differ yourself from others? How could you differ yourself in the crowd?

here are some best ways to get rid of these feelings,

1.Accept yourself: 

Tell yourself that you are unique. Believe in yourself. You have to be your first priority not others and their achievements. Without hard work nothing better can  happen. Work hard, trust yourself and wait for the result.

2. Stop Comparing:

How to get 90+/100 as my classmates without studying?

Individual differences differentiate one another. There people who are extremely bright, who are average and below average along with everyone has their own hidden abilities. Scoring 90+ is not the true value of education, applying the essence of education to real life is. Compare yourself with your previous result not with others!

3. Do your best:

If you spend your time thinking about others such as your classmates/friends, when will you think about yourself to improve you? You might not get enough time to do what you need to! Quit comparing and start working harder than.

4. Proper study schedule:

Though examination marks can never evaluate human being, but it is very important to get necessary grades and knowledge to lead a standard life. Don’t underestimate yourself, don’t get discouraged, don’t compare yourself to others, don’t give-up, just change your study habits. Applying proper study habits or effective learning can surely improve your academic grades. For more click here – Proper study schedule

Dont get fooled by others who make you feel things look easier. Without actually studying academics one cannot get 90+/100 marks as academics are new concepts which has to be learnt by all. So stop thinking alternative way to get answer to your question “How to get 90+/100 as my classmates without studying?”

Teenage & Love life!

Education is a bridge between man and human being! Education at schools/ universities helps in preparing oneself to get a good job which is the need of life, which will give a standard living.

During schooling, what are the main concepts comes in ones life?

Teenage & Love life!


  • Dealing with attendance
  • class notes
  • homework
  • laboratory works [record writing, observations, submission of records on date etc]
  • assignments
  • studies
  • exams
  • parental pressure
  • and love life!

the problems of dealing with attendance, class notes, homework, laboratory works, assignments, studies and exams can be solved according to How to get good grades! and Forgetfulness/ Forgetting/ Difficulty in Remembering the concepts which is studied earlier! Remaining is LOVE LIFE! A biggest confusion! LOVE or EDUCATION! Is it necessary to choose one among these? Can we live by choosing any one of these? Are you stable in life to get in to these? 

Click on the links provided for more:

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To ask any further assistance click here and contact us


Why can’t I study for long hours? – Breath Math

This article is an answer to the question asked in Quora, such as, “Why can’t I study for long hours? I want to study for at least 10 – 11 hours. I have big exam coming in nine months. And I can’t follow my time table.” 

Why can't I study for long hours?

[Question says that a student wants to study for more hours clearly longer hours such as 10- 11 hours, but he can’t follow his time table. That means he has his own time table to study but  he is failing to follow it. In this case student has to Strengthen his mind towards studies. Because he has a great will but he is not implementing his plans.]

Before answering to the question I would like to say that it is not easy task to study for 10-11 hours! Along  with one cannot study continuously for 10-11 hours with same concentration he has in the beginning, as human beings are not static their mindset  changes with time. But proper distribution of daily routine and studies can help you to achieve your goal. In-spite of all these always remember, number of chapters you have studied properly is more important than the number of hours you spent with your books!

Let us make a list of our daily routine and distribute the time for it. We have 24 hours in a day,

  • we need hardly 6-8 hours of night sleep [let’s take an average as 7 hours]
  • to exercise and to fresh up time in the morning  30 minutes+30 minutes
  • to have food 3 times a day + tea/coffee etc twice a day 3(30)+2(10)= 90+20 = 110 minutes = 1 hour 50 minutes
  • other [electronic devices such as mobile, computer/laptop, television —–2 hours 
Daily routine:    Hours:

Therefore, total 24 hours  – 12 hours(daily routine) = remaining 12 hours.

Clearly, in remaining 12 hours one can use to study with fine and proper breaks in between.  Before that tell yourself that, to study with greater concentration you need to strengthen your mind for that, because without your will you cannot achieve anything! Doing an activity with force differs from doing the same activity with will! Force makes you to do any activity till its power is on, then at certain point where the power applied on you becomes zero eventually you will be neutral! So, force is opposite of will!  Thus, only you can make yourself fit for any activity to achieve your goal. You are responsible for your future. Till you set your mind and start working, nothing better can happen with you.  So, it totally depends on you that how well you make yourself to achieve your goal.

Now let us make a ‘study time-table’ to study for more hours than usual or as mentioned in the question ‘a study time-table to learn for 10-11 hours per day’.  We have mentioned earlier that, number of chapters you have studied properly is more important than the number of hours you spent with books!

  • Count the number of days left to exam and number of chapters are there for it. Distribute the chapter which is to be studied according to it.
  • Do a list of chapters which has to be completed in a week.
  • Every morning repeat or revise what you have studied yesterday for better memory.
  • Have proper food, not bellyful not less, have food in average so neither you feel hungry nor you feel exhausted.
  • Do some exercise to make your mind and body to feel healthy
  • Sleep for 7 to 8 hours which is necessary to refresh and energize your mind.
  • If exam is 3 months later then study for 2 months and revise for one month.
  • Switch off your cell phone while studying.
  • Choose a place where you can study properly without any disturbance.
  • Study at the same place every day.
  • Take breaks when you complete a chapter or a lesson or when needed, but come back to books after your break of 10 to 15 minutes.

Coming to the main session, this is model study time table to study for longer hours. Longer hours in the sense when there is no regular classes and when you are on leave just to prepare for your exam.

  • Wake up at 4 a.m. and get fresh do little exercise to fresh up your mind and body, utilize 1 hour for it, in the last 10 minutes relax your mind or meditate in order to set your mind.
  • At  5 a.m. start studying till 8:00 a.m.
  • Have breakfast at 8:00 – 8:30.
  • Again come back to books at 8.30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Have lunch at 12:30-1:00. Take rest for 30 minutes. You can watch television or you can operate your electronic devices for 1 hour, that’s till 2:30 p.m.
  • Get back to books after your break at 2:30 p.m. study till 5:00 p.m..
  • Have coffee/tea for 30 minutes, i.e., 5:00 – 5:30 p.m., spend an hour with your family from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.,
  • At 6:30 p.m. come back to books and study for 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Have fun for 30 minutes from 8:00 – 8:30 & have dinner at 8.30 – 9:00 pm
  • Sleep at 9 pm for 7 hours set your alarm at 4 a.m. and repeat the routine.

Clear display of a model time-table to study for 10 – 11 hours.

workouts: time (24 hours)duration (hours)number of hours studied
wake up(get fresh and light exercise)4:00 – 5:001
study5:00 – 8:0033
breakfast8:00 – 8:3000: 30
study8:30 – 12:3044
lunch12:30 – 13:0000:30
rest13:00 – 13:3000:30
fun1:30 – 14:301
study14:30 – 17:002:302:30
coffee/tea17:00 – 17:3000:30
family time17:30 – 18:301
study18:30 – 20:001:301:30
fun20:00 – 20:3000:30
dinner20:30 – 21:0000:30
sleep21:00 – 4:007
total 24 11

Take a leave on Sunday and meet your friends who are preparing for the same exam, guide them if they don’t know something, discuss with them related to studies, create a study group with them. Enjoy the weekend so that you can concentrate fully in studies for next 7 days. Always make a short notes on what you have studied and note keywords so that you can recall it later. Try spending your breaks between studies  with family members or look outside the window to refresh, but do not go for internet!

But don’t stress your mind to study for longer hours such as 10 – 11 hours, instead focus on better learning. When you spend time with your books, you study it don’t just read it! Don’t waste time on internet. If its just to collect information to increase your knowledge then it us truly acceptable other than that avoid browsing, it is nothing but total waste of your mind.



Student Centered Math Learning

Mathematics problem has number of ways to find the solution but answer used to be the same irrespective of the way you have chosen to find out the answer. There are number of ways of learning or practicing mathematics. Usually there are four categories of students who are learning mathematics. First is students who are enjoying solving maths problem, the one who loves math class. Second is group of students who are finding difficulty in solving mathematics problem but still they are following ‘try and error method’ to solve the problems. Third category is the students who does not understand mathematics problem and getting frustrated before getting the solution. Final category is the group of students who has decided that mathematics is so difficult and they don’t understand it in any way! So, here are fine and relevant tips to study math for students such as student centered mathematics learning.

Though we study countable subjects in school such as history, geography, chemistry, physics etc. Every subject has its own way of learning. When i was a student, i was just memorizing history than anything else. But math is different. Simply memorizing formulas and equations or studying in the night before the exam day may not work always. So,here are our few posts related to study of mathematics.

Student Centered Math Learning

For better result in the mathematics exam, students need to practice learning from the beginning. Learning math starts seriously from the classroom itself. But listening only inside the classroom and not working out also doesn’t works. Click on the links provided for more…


Do’s and Dont’s in Math Class

Writing Mathematics Notes

Tips to Solve Mathematics Problems

Preparing for Mathematics Learning

Proper Study Habits

Study Holidays

Tricks to Write Mathematics Exam

Enjoy the journey of learning mathematics from these student centered mathematics learning tips. 🙂

Writing Mathematics Notes

Writing Mathematics Notes

Every subject teacher gives or makes you to write notes for every chapter. Writing mathematics notes and writing other subject notes differs a bit. If you do not write it in a proper way, you might not understand what you have written when you try to study and then it will be waste of your valuable time in running and pleasing to others to refer your notes with theirs. So it would be better to write math notes properly.

Writing Mathematics Notes of your own first thing is you need to be regular to class. You have to be inside the class both mentally and physically. There are some Do’s and Dont’s in Math class, for more click on Do’s and Dont’s in Math

  1. Why being regular is important:

Your instructor produces fresh contents to you everyday, if you bunk the class you might miss an important concept of it or you might not understand the continued part of that chapter.

2. Write neatly:

Yep! Write neatly…

  • Leave margin space.
  • Give space between words/mathematical symbols wherever needed.
  • Draw diagrams at the right side of your notes book.
  • Leave a line once you complete a solution of a mathematical problem.
  • Do not start a problem or do not write a question in one a page and solution in next page, instead write both question and answer in a same page, to avoid confusion in later.

This will make your notes look easy on the eyes, which one of the important thing in learning mathematics. 

3. Refer:

If something or if you feel like something went wrong, in free time refer your classmates notes and fill it out.

4. Complete your homework:

Dont forget complete your homework problems. Don’t be afraid of getting wrong solutions or do not fill up your notes by copying your friends books. Do it by yourself, if went wrong mark it and do it again properly, it helps you to remember where you went wrong and why.

5. Bring class notes daily:

Don’t forget to bring your notes to class room, your notes are the main sources of studying in exam time.

If for some reason forgot to bring mathematics notes book, write all the notes in rough book and complete/ rewrite it in your notes book once you get it.


Are we really in 21st Century?

Are we really in 21st Century?

Recently when I was browsing accidentally I found a post with a picture of a woman beaten by her husband it seems [as mentioned]. Just by looking at the image only, I felt sorry for that woman. I did not went to the blog directly, instead commented there as “Masha Allah, being grateful to Almighty for giving me caring and loving husband”. Nearly within two days i have got a reply for that comment as happy for you, share your experience with us and bla bla bla 🙂

I felt good and thanked them for being so kind and then while scrolling down I saw two more comments which were truly disgusting!! They judged whole religion for the hectic activity of that man. [I would have posted images of those comments but don’t want to spread hatred and my intention is not to defame any person/blog]

Which truly wondered me and made me think again, where i have come! In the crowd of people, where people are getting judged on the basis of religion whereas there is a need of judgement on the basis of people’s Karma! I spent almost half an hour in that blog just to read the comments of peoples! Which did not leave to sleep me for a whole night! Seriously! Those hatred words towards whole religion for countable people’s of that religion??!! Why??

I really did not understand, are we really living in 21st century? Why a religion is blamed when a man or group of mob does something unlawful?? Are  we surely educated? There are 7 billion people in this world, can we judge the world by taking countable examples. Before getting the solution to these questions, I just un-followed the site! I usually follow sites to read and learn from them, there is nothing to learn from these!

I truly agree beating a woman or man or whoever it is not right! None has got the right to punish in such a way! When we are not the creator, whom we are to punish?  Forget about beating a woman if someone does the same to a doggy, it is also unbearable to us! Because we are humans! Then, is it righteous to judge on the basis of religion?

If a man beats his or any other woman, we cannot blame his parents also for not showing him right path at the right time! Because his parents might have tried and tried, he might not have listened to them ever… Then how one can we blame his religion for a his Karma?? The one who beats a woman can not be considered as a human being at first, then how can you judge him under a religion? Do you distinguish animals like Christian cow, Muslim goat etc. Do you? Nope! Then how can you judge that ridiculous animal who is in outlook of human being under the religion?!

To Judge anything either one has to learn everything about the matter and to compare one religion to other one has to study all the existing religion of this entire world. Unless the judgement can spoil himself and his surrounding!

Growing is just not meant physical, instead it is mental growth too. One can not be considered as an educated person just by completing a course and passing of an examination.  Your words and deeds judges your personality. Your words represent your thinking, it never lowers the one on whom you are spitting. No religion can never be wrong. If you are judging people under the religion then either you never studied about that religion from its original sources or you never interacted good kind of people  with kindness or you are just want to spread hatred to the society which is good for nothing!

If you are truly following your religion you would never spread hatred towards other religion! Religion can only spread love and peace, not hatred. Grow up! Karma matters not the religion! Are we really in 21st Century?


Forgetting/Forgetfulness/Difficulty in Remembering

In day to day life we come across tons of experiences, every minute something happens, sometimes we feel it, we understand it, we love it, we like it, we don’t like it, we hate it etc.We often forget sometimes we find difficult to remember or recall in other words we forget things and struggle to recall. It is highly impossible to remember each and everything happens in our life, truth it is!

Sometimes we often forget things or concepts which we have learnt previously after 30 minutes, after few hours, after a day, after few days or after few months or years. Somehow, its not possible to remember everything and it is good to forget few experiences, for healthy and happy life. Further more how  about STUDIES???!! Terrific if you forget and unable to recall at the right time!

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

Forgetting is exactly opposite of learning!! Let us know little more about it…

You are not the only one who forget the things or concepts and fail to recall… There are many.. Do not worry if you fail to recall in exams or in the classrooms, don’t be stressed, pressurized. Rather than being upset or stressed out you should find reason behind it. Seems like you are in a fine direction! Welcome to breathmath. We are here just for you!

“Forgetting means failure at any time to recall experience  when attempting to do so, or to perform an action previously learnt”

– James Drever

“True learning is judicious forgetting”

– Adams

In student life, recalling what we have studied is very important part, we study to recall …  If we fail to do so, did you ever try to know WHY DO YOU FORGET??? WHY ARE YOU UNABLE TO RECALL WHAT YOU HAVE STUDIED EARLIER?

Before going for the remedies for forgetting, let us know little deeper about causes or reasons of forgetting/ forgetfulness/difficulty in remembering so that  we  can take some precautions before taking remedy. [Let us take mathematics concepts as example for clear discussion]


To come to any conclusion or take remedies, we must be very clear about the reasons.  So, let us find the reason behind forgetfulness or forgetting or difficulty in remembering.

  1. Lack of Interest: 

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

Lack of consistency in results is because of lack of interest! This is the main reason why don’t to fail to recall the concepts which you have  studied earlier. Lack of interest  leads to lack of dedication, attention in learning. Feeling of not being curious to learn new concepts! Feeling of getting bored while learning!Consequently, these are the questions left in ones mind such as Why cant I study for longer hours?  Why do I start feeling sleepy while studying? Click on the links for detailed information yet if you have any doubts feel free to contact us.

2. Lapse of Time: 

Remember, time has the power to change human feelings. The long gap between learn and relearn or revision of concepts or irregular study also results in forgetting rather than proper use of the concepts what you have learnt earlier.

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

Forgetting starts as soon as we stop learning. The gap between the study and the lesson taught, is major reason for not remembering anything when you study for the first time. You will ALMOST FEEL LIKE YOU ARE TRYING TO STUDY SOMETHING NEW CONCEPT WHICH IS NEVER BEEN TAUGHT!

3. Discontinuance of Study:

Discontinuance in the sense lack of revision of lesson, being irregular to the classes, lack of practice of mathematical problems!!. Rate of forgetting is most rapid when there is disuse of any activity.

4. Interference of any other activity:

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

Interference of any other activity is use of mobile phones while studying, discussing or involving in unrelated things with friends while teacher is teaching the concepts inside the class as such…

5. Restlessness:

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

 Restlessness means lack of systematic life style. Not taking sufficient amount of rest after any activity, learning, not involving in extra-curricular or co-curricular activities in school, sleeplessness, studying whole night without sleeping,  getting tensed and trying to study!!

6. Unpleasant and painful experience:

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

Comparing himself and his studies to other peer groups, sense of guilt and shame, getting tensed and stressed for not being regular in studies and trying to study everything over-night leads nothing remember or recall!

7. Fatigue: 

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

Extreme tiredness resulting from mental and physical exertion  or illness, clearly weakness or feeling of being exhausted will also effects on memory/forgetfulness. Since lack of healthy life style also a reason for forgetfulness.

8. Emotional disturbance:

Forgetfulness/forgetting/difficulty in remembering

A student with emotional disturbance like getting irritated very soon, anxiety, bipolar, obsessive-compulsive will have learning inability, as a result most probably he/she will suffer from forgetfulness. It is the state of not being able to make proper study  time-table.


Finally we are here for the remedy session to come out of forgetting/forgetfulness or difficulty in remembering. Now it is much easier for us to come up from forgetfulness.

  1. Being up-to-date:

Immediate revisions of lesson taught in the classroom, being up-to-date! It would be more effective if you study daily after the school time, what is taught in the classroom. If you do so, most probably lessons will settle in your brain before it fades!

2. Preparing study time-table:

Prepare your own study time table, which involves leisure time, resting time and also STUDY TIME 😀 Don’t forget to add STUDY TIMINGS 😀 😀

Tips to start your own study time table.

3. Revision: 

Revise the lessons what you have studied once in week. This will help you from forgetting such as formula, axioms, theorems etc.

4. Practice:

Practicing regularly is one of  the most important. So that our brain does not let it drain. Therefore, instead of studying or reading Mathematics, you need to practice it, start solving mathematics problems, write and solve it!

5. Nature of learning:

One should choose meaningful learning, not just covering the lessons, you should understand and solve it. Discuss the confusing concepts in addition ask doubts with experts. In conclusion, anything which is extreme is  obviously bad!  😀

And, remember, forgetting is not always an evil! Most noteworthy is you need to be selective in remembering and forgetting! now we are sure with reasons and remedies 🙂 Don’t READ the lesson, you STUDY it! You will never forget!



Obvious Feeling – Freedom From Home

Obvious Feeling – Freedom From Home

High school is a schooling after primary school and before higher education. It is difficult to assign definite years as classes of high school differ from one country to another. However,  it is schooling at teenage.  Normally from class VIII to X or IX to XÌI.

This is a period of rapid changes.  It emerges from later childhood stage and merges into adulthood.  High school students can not be considered fully as children, nor as adults! It is a period of learning new things & period of development in new dimensions such as physical,  mental,  spiritual,  sexual and social outlooks,  also moral!

In elementary school there used to be much leisure hours, lots of free time and you were handled by teachers who always considered you as a child. Whereas in high school, ideologically, you may not be considered as a child always, you have to be firm in your side both in learning and listening. At the same time, environment at home also changes, your parents expect you to be responsible up to one extent. Teacher will prepare you for stepping in to the college. That’s must!

Because this is the period where you have to take fine decision for your future. To take firm decisions you need to be firm in choosing. In high school there is no choice for students to select subjects of their interest, you have to study all the subjects which is decided by the higher education board. Parents expect you to follow Proper Study HabitsFocus more on your education, they don’t want you to fall in love because they knew it is Tough Tie – Love or Education/Career??, nor parents not teacher will give you ideas to Manage both Love & Studies!-as they are sure you have lot more to enjoy than falling in love. They are right at their side!

But what about students? There are many matters like attendance, class notes, homework, laboratory works, assignments, studies, exams, grades, parental pressure and ‘love life’. When this ‘love life’ comes in equation of student life everything other takes U-turn with lack of management and then it becomes an unsolved problem! Then you feel difficulty in adjustment at home, society, school; association with opposite sexdeveloping sound philosophy of life as a result being teenager you may feel like you need freedom from home!

Years back we had a student in our school class who almost decided to fled from his home because he wanted freedom from home! Luckily we have caught him before he could take any such action! We had talked to him briefly about why? to where? what’s his plans after leaving home etc. and he made me to write this for him!

I would like to say feeling of freedom is so obvious.. . Normally at this period of life there used to be lots of changes in human life, its natural phenomenon. Because of  these developmental tasks it becomes difficult for one to take right decisions and proper balancing of everything. It is common to feel being independent or getting freedom from home. It is natural to have feelings of sadness, you may feel stressed by lack of management of daily routine, you may feel sickened, you may feel difficulty in managing your emotions. The one who advises you also felt the same at your age, its not only your problem instead its a period of life!

But as a student you won’t get freedom which you expect. What if you try to come out of that boundary of home in your words “freedom from home”? Will you be able to do what you want? Will you be able achieve your goal which you have set to achieve? Will you be able to fulfill your dreams?

Practically, if you ever think of leaving home what will you do/ where do you stay? how will you achieve your goal? Remember it is too hard to identify your own identity outside your home without your family members!

Be blessed, stay blessed!

Those who have their own family are the blessed ones in the entire world. There are number of people who are struggling to get a family for them. Those whom we find at street are tried and tired of finding their own family.
One can never understand the value of things unless we lose it! To understand the value of a particular thing ask the one who eagerly waiting to own it!
Parents are teing  you up for situation because they have already crossed  the stage of life which you are facing now.

Love what you have 🙂 You will laugh on your own feeling after couple of years … 😀

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